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An academic paper is the demonstration of a writer’s good work on a specific topic or subject area. It shows the reader that the student is interested in a particular course of study. A well-written academic paper shows the writer display good thinking skills and that he/she is capable of describing the thought process more clearly and rationally. It also shows that the writer has a critical response to the literary texts and artifacts. A good academic paper demonstrates the capability to carry out the founded research by referring to the educational work, dealing with the new facts and figures and other people’s perspectives and finding relevant evidences. By writing a good academic paper, students will have the ability to organize and structure their opinions and arguments. When students sit down to compose an academic paper, they should ask themselves the following questions:

  1. What do they know about the background of the topic?
  2. What are the influences that might be significant to the topic of the academic paper?
  3. Does the topic belong to any specific genre or class of the subject?
  4. What do they know about the genre of the topic?

If the students know about these questions, then they will be able to write a good academic paper.
Writing an academic paper is a nerve-wracking task for the students. They face many difficulties in creating a good academic paper. Some students are not fluent in English and some of them are not able to frame good sentences. Some of they do not have high-quality vocabulary. They do not how to structure the academic paper. Some students are unaware of the format and make mistakes in it. This leads to low grades and the teachers get disappointed with the students. Some students have fear that they will not be able to complete their write-ups on time.
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