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In schools and colleges students are given different type of assignment writing task and essay writing is one among them. Students need to write short content on given topic and submit the same to teacher to get the score. Teachers make a thorough checking of the essay and try to get an idea about the level of understanding the student is having on the topic. Based on the performance in essay writing assignments teachers identify the points in which there are scope of improvement and student can come out with more flying colors if they improve the pointed sections. Essays can be on any topic and generally gets covered within 2500 to 3000 words. But yes, there are significant styles of writing essay and one need to know which style of writing is needed for the topic. Teachers can guide students in making the right style and methodology selection. Students need to highlight their personal thought process in the essay as to what essay is intended to convey. The viewpoint of the student needs to be established in the essay with solid evidence and should not be depended on vague thinking. It is a short piece of writing and so needs to be written carefully.
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