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A dissertation is a final year research project which is assessed by the professors. The professors generally expect that the students will take a responsibility of their research project and will choose an appropriate technique for undertaking a study, jot down the research findings, and discuss the results in the discussion section. Conventionally, the dissertation at an undergraduate level is used as a piece of study and as an important assessment method. This project has been found better than conducting exams because of the subsequent reasons:

  1. It helps the students in identifying their own area of interest in a particular subject matter.
  2. It explores a specific area in depth.
  3. It helps them to define and answer their potential questions.
  4. It is because of the dissertation, that the students have to experience the procedure of creating knowledge.
  5. It helps the students in managing the research project from the start to the end.
  6. It also consolidates the communication, research-seeking, and the intellectual skills of a student.
  7. It helps the students in determining their focus and direction of their research project.
  8. Since the work is solely based on an individual basis, therefore, students have a chance to gain necessary expertise, which will be further useful in writing the standard ‘coursework’.

Writing a dissertation is considered to be a hard task. This is because it is a lengthy project of 100,000 words. Students encounter various problems while writing one. Some of the issues are:

  1. Students do not know how to how to commence their research project.
  2. Students face problems in finding the appropriate work environment.
  3. They are not able to find the appropriate resources.
  4. Students do not know how to structure their academic project.
  5. Some of them are coping with other external factors like depression, family issues, and some of them are too busy in other activities.

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