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An essay is a piece of non-fictional write-ups, which are written from the viewpoint of an author. Essays are very subjective and expository. They can be written about the arguments, observation of day-to-day routine, reminiscences, literary analysis, opinionated manifestos, and the expressions of an author. The descriptions of essays are vague and it is often misunderstood with the definition of articles and short stories. Essays are literary devices by which a writer can explain anything. Essays usually belong to those literary species where extreme changeability can be studied proficiently within the three-stages of reference. There is a stage of the personal and the autobiographical essays, a stage of the objective, and also there is a stage of the abstract. Nowadays, essays have become an important part of the formal education of students. The students at the secondary level of education are taught the formats by which they can improve their writing skills. The essays are also used by the colleges and universities in choosing the best candidates. It is evaluated on the basis of an admission essay. Essays are used so as to judge the mastery and understanding of the subject material. Students have to explain, comment and assess the topic of study.
Composing an essay is a very daunting task for the students. They encounter many difficulties in writing an essay. Some of those difficulties are as follows:

  1. Students are not able to manage their time efficiently and they are too engrossed in other activities that they delay their essay writing for the last moment.
  2. Students make mistakes in the grammar, spellings, and the punctuation sections of the essay.
  3. The students who do not have fluency in English, they do not proofread their essays before submitting it.
  4. Students are not able to follow a proper structure of the essay and hence, they are not able to get good scores.

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