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During the educational life, assignments are one of the most important areas of studies and assignments are given by the teachers to assess whether the students have got proper knowledge on the subjects on which assignments are given. To build the interest within the students for the subject, assignments are always necessary and these are quite common in recent days. All the assignments are needed to be submitted within the time given by the faculties. Assignments can be of various forms such as essays or reports or thesis or dissertation etc. Different form of assignments has different writing style and hence students should be aware about the accurate style of each assignment. To catch the attention of the readers, the starting of each assignment should be informative and strong. Students should always be ready to give personal viewpoint where they find that there exist the debating features within an assignment. There should always be a confirmed conclusion at the end of the assignments. Every assignment should be written within proper word limit. For writing thesis students can write up to 5000 words whereas for essay maximum limit is 3000 words. Students also need to know about various formats of assignments so that they can write assignments properly to score good marks.
While students start writing assignments they find huge problems such as misunderstanding about solving techniques, lack of time management etc and these limitations will make the assignments imperfect and score poor marks. There are other common problems which students mainly face while writing any assignments. These are

  1. Misunderstanding about the format of assignment
  2. Writing information that is out of the track
  3. No proofreading
  4. Poor time management
  5. Not mentioning the source of information
  6. Fear for failure and getting poor marks

Those are some of the common points due to which students score very low score in their assignments.
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